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Category: Fun!
Ghost towns, and more crazy friendly people

The scenery was once again totally new and mind blowing today, virtually no traffic on the route and we drove trough real ghost towns. The most lovely old houses just standing there and rotting away, crazy to see!

I met 3 French dudes on holiday also riding route 66 in a Mustang and a Harley at this iconic stop.

Today we clocked 500 miles on our little beast, we are so getting to know this car, the rear suspension is not German and handling could be better but sure drifts nice and easy around a corner!

We also had burgers in this “out of a movie” cafe with super friendly peeps…(all the people here in America are very very professional in their jobs and also very friendly.

Tomorrow will be our last day on Route 66 as we will arrive at the end of the road in Santa Monica.

Riding, nature and more riding….

Wow what a day, we saw the most amazing nature including the Grand Canyon!!

This little dude tried to steal my jerky, the little bastard!

While the sun was setting on us I told Justus we have to stop to take this, what a cool shoot I had in only 10 minutes!

“Tune in” tomorrow to check out the pictures I will take at monument valley!! the place the road runner comes from!

Hello Route 66!

Today’s trip in the car was awesome, the nature was so different to anything I have ever seen, so fresh on the eyes.

Meet Rhonda, she was our sweet little fuel attendant and didn’t know where Cape Town is…

Mickey was on his way to pick up his camping trailer he just bought in a town very far away, he was so amped to tell me all about his bike.

We arrived in Williams, a very (!) small town on route 66, it feels like being in a movie, everywhere guys with big beards, Harley’s and leathers. As we arrived we saw a baseball game, my mind switched over to photo mode to the max as this was my first ever game I have seen!!

Las Vegas day 2 of 2…

We started day two working… on our tan

This was taken from a huge tower…

A water show with music (Frank Sinatra), was very cool to see!

This street girl sang the coolest coolest songs, I hung around for a bit…

Las Vegas, day 1 of 2

We started the day traveling to Las Vegas in the Karoo (well it looked like it) and we stopped at a truck stop to eat the most disgusting food ever, I ordered a chicken roll thingy and it came with this k*k rice and beans with melted cheese on it, I promise you I never ever in my life tasted such fake food   JUK!

Well well well, Las Vegas…

You know you have to investigate something you have to see the high and the low to kinda know what the average is, well this place is the very high when it comes to extreme people and what they can do, good and mostly bad.

We were riding and walking the streets last night and out mouths were just hanging open. I don’t think I will ever want to see this place again as its such a superficial world but I’m glad I have the t-shirt.

Here are some shots of last night, a night I will never forget.

This is the view from our hotel room!

We are having so much fun with the Camaro, haven’t taken any official photos of it but here are some pics of it and the scenery…

PS.The cops pulled us over when we took the driving shots, they gave us so much shit cause I was standing on the backseat while were driving to get this effect.

We arrived!

So we are here!

How cool is this, one of my best best friends and I are doing a road trip in America in an American muscle car.

We arrived in Santa Monica and stayed in a hotel on the beach front.

Well being a bit jet lagged we did not see much yet, but one thing is for sure, the people here rock, all I want to do is chat to everyone, for some reason they fascinate me…maybe its because I have been reading and collecting American magazines since I can remember and I can relate to so much in my lifestyle?

Yip there is a bit of American blood in me that’s for sure, and I will live the dream for 10 days!

I will try to post as much as possible, so check out this space!!!